A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

How to Play:

- Click on empty space: generate new "Flower in Gear"

- Click on a normal "Flower in Gear" to slow down / shrink to balance

make balance between all flowers in screen and fill flower guage on upper left.
(More flowers to grow bigger, this flower guage be filled more)

and avoid Red Gear(once gear lost it's flower inside, gear turns red to be greed like cancer cell) fill gear disaster guage on upper right.

This game says "Everyone connected / Related and greed need to be controlled before too late, if we want to move toward the Utopia".

1. Don't left single Gear-Flower alone.
each one can't grow up without relationship.

2. Connect Gear-Flowers together to grow up
rotating direction is important. - if rotations match, flower will be bigger.

3. Make Connected Gears' size as equal.
Click big gear to make smaller and slower.
if connected one is too bigger than other, big one will exploit small one.
relative equality is important.

4. If Gear rotates too fast, Click this gear to slow down and cut connection
Faster gear rotates, flower shrink smaller then only hollow gear will be left.
Once flower lost, Gear will be driven by desire to grow bigger.
if small greed gear(red) left alone this gear will be disappear.
but If greed gear(red) is connected to other, this one will exploit others.

That's all.

Enjoy it. :)

Created by "Byulbram" KwangSam Kim 2017


FlowerGear_PC.zip 12 MB
FlowerGear_Mac.app.zip 16 MB